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Communicate, and Collaboration feature of OpenEduCat enables the educational institutions to be more transparent and communicative, helping them deliver more values to students and parents. With the ability to create surveys for feedback, discussion forums, blogs to publish their achievements and publish the latest news along with latest happenings at the campus.


Provide students and faculties with an environment where communication is open and collaborative with open Q&A forum.

 Post Moderation
 Questions and Answers


Get instant feedback on various activities of the organization with quick to go surveys using built-in survey system.

 Share and Collect
 Simple and Intuative


Coordinate and discuss on topics of interest in the open for all environment with easy to use built-in conversation channels.

 Multiple Discussion Rooms
 User Tagging

News Portal

Publish all new happenings of the organization using a news portal to keep everyone well informed.

 Manage Publishing
 Editor , Publisher Access


Make inclusive decisions by enabling organizational users to give a voice to their opinions using their vote in the poll.

 Simple Reporting
 Mass Emailing
 Easy to Administer


Deliver and share knowledge with everyone by creating well-informed and designed blogs by students or faculties.

 Share for Social Media
 Create Informative Environment
 Communicate Effectively

Notice Board

Students can get information regarding upcoming tests and assignments from the teachers and administration before the due date.

 Share Circular with Students & Parents
 Inform Students in Advance for Tests & Exams
 Students Will Get Easily Notified about the Events
 Easily Send Notice to Parent Regarding meetings
 Students & Parents Get Notice via Email & SMS


This module provides a helping hand to students, staff and Parents by acknowledging and solving their problem

 Grievances from students , parents and staff
 Helps in better administration and discipline
 Actions are confirmed and closed by the complaint
 The details can be extracted using various reports