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Management features of OpenEduCat consist of the ability to manage transportation for students, campus facility management; barcode enabled canteen management with the point of sale system, dedicated placement control along with login for parents to view the activities of their children.


Easy to use campus management system to manage, book and transact with various campus entities and amenities.

 Full Assets Management
 Allocation Management
 In Sync With Organization Calendar
 Time Based Facility Allocation


Barcode supported built-in point of sale system to enable the organization to manage cafeteria for students and faculties.

 Full Functional Point of Sale
 Barcode Support
 Kitchen Order Terminal Support
 Student Credits Payments


Manage transportation facility with predefined routes, fees, pick up and drop points with integrated financial management.

 Route and Driver Allocation
 Vehicle Assignment
 Transportation Fees Management
 Daily Route Tracking
 Pick up and Drop Points
 Instant Notification


Keep various recruitment activities like recruiters profile, jobs offered, selected students and much more.

 Placement Detailing
 Easy Search Past Offers
 Status Tracking
 News and Announcement
 Statistical Reporting
 Complete Placement Activity Tracking

Parent Login

Give a better transparency to a parent about their child’s academic activities and achievements by providing dedicated login.

 Dedicated Parents Accounts
 All Childs under single login
 Monitor All Activities
 Alerts and Updates
 Parent to Faculty Communication